HIREC was formed by bright people who are excellent at employing hard and prospects.

HIREC is moving forward as the market progresses. The company has evolved and adapted its manner of working by listening to the wishes and objectives of the people.


We don’t just send out applications; we take time to learn about your company, its culture and environment
and what it takes to achieve success for you.

Only after this do we look for a suitable candidate who can be part of your success journey.

Our vision and goal are founded on your success, rather than the other way around.


Our philosophy is simple, we believe that choosing a job is critical in finding success.

This is the ingredient in many success stories across the globe and we strongly believe we can set he platform for your success.

At HIREC we find it worth investing the time to really find out what motivates you in choosing your career.

We then discuss with companies to find a suitable offer to continue your journey. Your Success & growth matters to us.

To find out more about what we can offer.